Elegant Diwali Toran by Sakshi

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Beautify your entrance with this elegant-shaped and hand-crafted toran. This piece has a great ability to enhance the beauty of your house and to help you out with grabbing a lot of compliments from anybody visiting your house. Can be a very thoughtful gift for the ones who loves art and love making their ambience as bright as their lives. Ecstatic Toran artistically made with great efforts choosing the right colours with blending the perfect combinations using best quality materials.

Hand-Painted with renowned brand Acrylic colours, decorated and sealed with good
quality Varnish.

Product Care –Wipe it with a clean, dry or damp cloth when needed.

Dimensions – 4 by 3.5 inch per piece. Set of 6 with string for hanging.

Artist – Sakshi @nakshbysakshi