IVEI Chhota Bheem paint-your-own Room Decor Bunting

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Chhota BHEEM - Original Chhota Bheem products, under license from Green Gold Animation. AGE GROUP : 3+
PAINT-YOUR-OWN - The MDF buntings shaped as the Chhota Bheem characters for your kids to paint and decorate. It helps in boosting child's sense of achievement when they complete an activity based on their favorite character and use it to decorate their space.
BUNTING : Set of six characters to be painted and used as hangings. They can be hanged horizontally or vertically as per the space in your room.
INCLUDES: 6 Character Shaped Buntings
SKILLS DEVELOPED : - Boosts creativity - Builds self-esteem- Refines gross-motor skills- Rewarding and motivating
GREAT FOR GIFTING: Give this set to a Chhota Bheem fan as a cool, fun, and creative present! A gift that will be truly appreciated and can be enjoyed by children everywhere. It is great activity to encourage creativity and originality in every child and this DIY product will help nurture these skills in every kid.