IVEI Whiteboard, Metal board & Pin Board (Big) - Set of 3

Rs. 2,800.00
SKU: 461KD16O

A set of three multi utility boards  to help your kid be more systematic with their everyday activities and thus makes them more organized. The white board along with Pin board not only helps your kid in keeping track of all their tasks but also encourages them to scribble and draw. The magnetic board with Panchatantra inspired animals  will add a fun decor element to your kid's room along with holding all their notes and magnets.

SET OF THREE BOARDS: The set comes with a bulletin board to pin important notes or drawings, an easy wipe whiteboard for writing messages and scribbling, and a magnetic sheet to hold notes and magnets.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: High quality, seasoned wood base is used for this combination board to achieve a superbly finished and highly durable product.

HANGING OPTIONS - There are metal loops at the back to hang the board on nails.

DIMENSIONS : 13 in X  19 in X 0.75 (each) PINBOARD  AREA - 12 in X 18 in  ;WRITING AREA -  12 in X 18 in; MAGNET BOARD -12 in X  18 in

CONTENTS -  includes a FREE Whiteboard Marker, a duster , push pins and 6 magnets.