Kids Gift Set Combo

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This COMBO contains : 

- IVEI Educational Phonics Toy - Set of 5

- IVEI Cup Cake Black Board

- IVEI Kids Activity Calendar with Whiteboard and Pin board

Our phonics toy helps children in letter and sound recognition developing their reading skills in a fun way.
SET OF 5 : Our Phonics toy is set of 5 based on 5 vowels a, e, I, o and u. Each peg has set of words with one vowel as its middle letter.
DIMENSIONS - 1 in X 1 in X 4 in each

The Black Board provides a vibrant surface that is great for smooth writing with chalks and erases easily. A kids black board provides your child with a fun way to practice their home work, doodle or make sketches. There are two small metal loops at the back to hang the board on two nails.
DIMENSIONS: 12.5 in X 18 in X 0.5 in
CONTENTS - 1 Blackboard, 1 box of chalk (10 chalks), 1 duster

Each calendar(Current Year) month sheet has an interesting activity like colouring, odd one out, join the dots, etc. for kids. With space to write important notes and a fact for children  to learn this makes for a perfect investment for your child's growth.
PINBOARD AND WHITEBOARD COMBINATION - A coloured bulletin board for pictures, or time-table; with an easy to wipe writing board for quick notes, doodles, messages and homework.
DIMENSIONS : 14in X 14in X 1.5in PINBOARD AREA - 3.75in X 8.25in; WRITING AREA - 14in X 6in
CONTENTS - includes 12 calendar month activity sheets, a FREE Whiteboard Marker, a duster and 5 push pins.

HIGH QUALITY - High quality, seasoned wood is used to achieve a smooth finished, durable product.

MADE BY ARTISANS - This product is made by rural artisans from Uttar Pradesh, supported by - I Value Every Idea.

IVEI as a platform believes in building a community where creativity lives and thrives. To enable that, we work with rural artisans as well as upcoming talent whose imagination deserves to be showcased. We aim to ensure that our customers get products that are innovatively apart from the usual, something special with a human touch.