Pretty magnets (set of 3) by Chynelle

Rs. 890.00
SKU: Mag_03
Soo...We have something for the Plant moms here...Foliage and more foliage. We can't get enough of the greens. These set of 3 magnets have that element of serenity and self love vibe going about it..then there are pretty flowers and leaves...what more could you ask for??All are handpainted with acrylics and finished with Waterproof varnish. Just put them on your fridge or steel almirah and you are ready to swoon!!

Use only soft dry cotton cloth for cleaning. Please do not scratch or scrape the paint with any sharp object. Do not boil in hot water.

All 3 in cms. Approx. 5.5×4.5,5×5,4.5×5.5

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