Travel Magnets (set of 3) by Chynelle

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If you are a Travel Buff, you are going to love these souvenirs ! We have The Pink Hawa Mahal of Jaipur looking gorgeous under the moonlight.Then there is your Jal Mahal, looking splendid as it's reflection glistens in the water.But our favourite is the lovely Santorini Island giving you that calming effect(Mama mia vibe on point).All are handpainted with acrylics and finished with Waterproof varnish. Just put them on your fridge or steel almirah and you are ready to swoon!!

Use only soft dry cotton cloth for cleaning.Please do not scratch or scrape the paint with any sharp object.Do not boil in hot water.

All 3 In cm approx. 6.5×4,4.5×5.5,5.5×5