About us

"I Value Every Idea" is an initiative to support the local craftsmen who have the skill but not the opportunity. Their skill and our design , together bring to you some unique hand crafted products , to add a new flavor in your everyday products. We take pride in our association with one of the oldest and most sophisticated hand skills - carpentry , and hope to keep the skill alive in young hearts with a little blend of design. Our products are exclusively designed to add utility and fun both in the most minimalist possible way. Most of our products are made in scrap wood , which has been handcrafted and finished to perfection by our skilled and experienced artisans.

We started from Sitapur , a small city near Lucknow ,Uttar Pradesh (India). Here we visited various villages and spread the word amongst all our people to show us their art and skill. We were surprised to see the talent. Really good skill was going waste in our villages. Some of these people had put their art aside as it was not giving them enough to earn a living , while the others were not getting their skill’s worth. We promised to pay each of them like an artist deserves to be paid, reviving their interest in their passion. Our craftsmen are now content and happy as they earn more than what they did for a job that they love. 

Our artisans are now based in Lakhimpur-Kheri, Varanasi and Sitapur.

Navya Agarwal - The founder , and the designer 
A product designer from Raffles Millennium International, Bengaluru and a Graduate from Christ University, she started IVEI with the hope to revive art in urban India and to give talent the respect that it deserves .She deals with each craftsmen individually, helps them find their strengths, guides them towards developing their skills and then designs products where their skills can be best showcased.
“I value every idea”, this is a statement i truly believe in. No matter how random an idea is , if seriously built upon it has a lot to offer. While designing, i love to ask myself “why not?” so that I do not ignore even the simplest of thoughts that cross my mind.”

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Chetna Garg - Secretary and Designer
A graphic designer and engineer, Chetna has an eye for minute details and the patience to create intricate designs. She is our mentor and helps us all stay motivated and on target. She also takes care of our accounts and ensures that our artisans are paid as per their skills worth, and they get all the support that they need.
Shivani Agarwal - Marketing Strategist 
Having worked with corporate houses like Lifestyle in the HR Domain, Shivani brings a lot of marketing experience to our society. She is always ready to try new things and stays dedicated and motivated at all times. Her energy and constant follow-ups never let us get lazy and she pushes us to create and design as per the market trends so that our customers are always happy.
Disha Somani - Ecommerce Strategist 
Disha handles our e-commerce platforms, new tie-ups and on boarding. Being an active online shopper herself, she is aware of various ecommerce aggregators and also understands the customer’s requirements well which helps us reach maximum buyers and deliver as per their satisfaction.