IVEI Metal board, Pinboard, Whiteboard with Calendar - Set of 2- Grey

Rs. 2,500.00
SKU: 515HB28GY

Use this multi utility combination board  to schedule appointments, events, and tasks, so your days aren’t overscheduled and you can keep yourself stress free. The white board along with Pin board helps you in keeping track of all your tasks and to-do list. The updated 12 month Paper calendar of current year is provided along with a magnetic sheets to hold your notes and magnets too.

CALENDAR AND MAGNET COMBINATION BOARD: The multi-utility combination board comes with a bulletin board to pin important notes or pictures, an easy wipe whiteboard for writing messages, and a magnetic sheet to hold your notes and magnets too. Along with that, a high quality 2022 paper calendar is provided.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: High quality, seasoned wood base is used for this combination board to achieve a superbly finished and highly durable product.

HANGING OPTIONS - There are metal loops at the back to hang the board on nails.

DIMENSIONS : 19 in X 15 in X 2 in PINBOARD AREA -  14.5 in X  14 in ; WRITING AREA - 14.5 in X  14 in; MAGNET BOARD -10.5 in X 3 in ( 2 sides)

CONTENTS -  includes a FREE Whiteboard Marker, a duster , push pins. 4 magnets and calendar sheets [2022 calendar] 

IVEI as a platform believes in building a community where creativity lives and thrives. To enable that, we work with rural artisans as well as upcoming talent whose imagination deserves to be showcased. We aim to ensure that our customers get products that are innovatively apart from the usual, something special with a human touch.