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IVEI Quilling Fridge Magnet with Photo frame, Calendar and Whiteboard

Rs. 615.00

FRIDGE MAGNET WITH A WHITE BOARD, CALENDAR, PHOTOFRAME - Place this multitasking fridge magnet on your refrigerator, and make a note of anything you want! This comes with an added paper calendar and a photo frame, which makes it a all - in - one, must-have fridge magnet. With two hooks for the marker so you do not have to go looking for it every time you want to make a note.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: High quality, seasoned wood base is used for this fridge magnet to achieve a superbly finished and highly durable product.

PAPER QUILLING - is the art of creating designs by folding and curling strips of paper. This piece is decorated by rural women artisans from Sitapur.

DIMENSIONS : 8 in X 9.5 in X 1 in ; Writing Space : 8 in X 3 in

CONTENTS -  1 Whiteboard Marker, 12 calendar sheets