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IVEI Children's Blackboard Collection: Educational & Fun Gifts

Rs. 860.00
Color - Dinosaur

BLACK BOARD - The Black Board provides a vibrant surface that is great for smooth writing with chalks and erases easily. A kids black board provides your child with a fun way to practice their home work, doodle or make sketches. 

GREAT EDUCATIONAL GIFT - They are useful but a fun gift for kids. Since black boards are easily erasable, kids can be more experimental on one, allowing them to freely and fully explore their artistic potential.

HANGING OPTIONS - There are two small metal loops at the back to hang the board on two nails.

DIMENSIONS - Dinosaur :14.5 in X 19.5 in X 0.5 in; Car : 14 in X 9 in X 0.5 in; Cupcake : 12.5 in X 18 in X 0.5 in; Whale : 13.5 in X 19 in X 0.5 in

CONTENTS - 1 Blackboard, 1 box of chalk (10 chalks), 1 duster