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IVEI DIY MDF Mixed Shapes Paper Weights Set

Rs. 449.00
Color - Set of 4

These MDF Paper Weights allows you to keep your desk organized, while taking up the minimum amount of space all thanks to its compact shape!

DIY ARTISTIC ACTIVITY: These unfinished MDF Paper Weights are great craft pieces for acrylic and oil painting, resin pouring, dot mandala, alcohol ink art, and other do-it-yourself activities, allowing you to add a personal touch to your space and getting creative!

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: Supreme quality of MDF used to create these paper weights.


  • SET of 4 : 4 MDF Paper Weights - 1 Triangle, 1 Large Cuboid, 1 Small Cuboid, 1 Hexagon

    DIMENSIONS: Square : 3in X 3in X 1.25in ; Rectangle:  2.75in X 2in X 1.25in ; Triangle: 2.5 in X 2.5in X 1.25in ; Hexagon: 3in X 3in X 1.25in
  • SET of 3 : 3 Cube MDF Paper Weights 

DIMENSIONS: 2 inches X 2 inches X 2 inches

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