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IVEI DIY Wooden Set Of Measuring Tape & Stapler

Rs. 799.00

These Wooden Set of Measuring Tape & Stapler will come to your rescue when most needed. The perfect pair for your desk space!

DIY ARTISTIC ACTIVITY: This unfinished Wooden Set of Measuring Tape & Stapler are great craft pieces for acrylic and oil painting, resin pouring, dot mandala, alcohol ink art, and other do-it-yourself activities, allowing you to add a personal touch to your space and getting creative!

INCLUDES: Wooden Measuring Tape and Wooden Stapler

DIMENSIONS: Stapler : 3.75in X 1 in X 1.25in ; Measuring Tape : 2.25in X 2.25in X1.40in

Ships in 2-3 days :)