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IVEI Whiteboard and Metal board with Planner

Rs. 2,350.00
Color - yellow

PLANNER COMBINATION BOARD: The multi-utility combination board comes with a metallic bulletin board to hold important notes or pictures and an easy wipe whiteboard for writing messages. Along with that, a high quality Planner of current year is provided to helps you stay on top of tasks at work and home by organizing them efficiently.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: High quality, seasoned wood base is used for this combination board to achieve a superbly finished and highly durable product.

> HANGING OPTIONS - There are metal loops at the back to hang the board on nails.

> DIMENSIONS : 20 in X 20 in X 2.5 in WRITING AREA - 11 in X 9.5 in; MAGNET BOARD - 19 in X 9 in

CONTENTS - includes a FREE Whiteboard Marker, a duster , 4 magnets and planner sheets