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IVEI Multi-purpose Cushioned Protective Mat for baby - Set of 2 (Navy Blue)

Rs. 750.00

COTTON LINER FILLED WITH FOAM: This protective lining mat provides absorbent, cool comfort that is soft, supportive, and great for keeping babies comfy.  

Foam covered with soft, absorbent, breathable, anti bacterial, pure cotton, making it ideal to be used as a lining mat for your precious one.

FOAM FILLED LAYER helps in better absorption and extra cushioning, so that any surface where the baby is placed becomes gentle and is cushioned.

MULTI-PURPOSE: Absorbs one or two tinkles of your little one, thereby, acting as a protector sheet. These liners  can be used on baby's mattress, car seats, strollers, rockers, or any other place where the baby is placed for that extra layer of cushioning. Can be used as the baby's changing mat while on the go or on the bed when co-sleeping with the baby. These mats are also perfect to be used as baby receiving blankets.

EASY to carry: This mat folds compactly to tuck perfectly in a medium sized diaper bag.

Dimensions: 17 x 31 inches, SET of 2

Jacha & Bacha aims to bring back the simplicity in raising our little babies, just like our dadis & nanis did, back in the day. Our products are made with utmost care, keeping in mind the needs of both: Jacha (the Mother) & the Bacha (the Baby), making it a simple and a beautiful journey for both.