Jacha & Bacha Pure Soft Cotton Dhoti Gift sets - 3 Nappies , 3 Napkins and 1 Towel

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SOFT PURE COTTON: All products are made from soft, absorbent, breathable, anti bacterial pure Cotton, soaked and washed multiple times. Making ideal to be used on soft skin of babies.  

3 LAYERED TOWEL: The towels are lined with 3 layers for good absorption, ensures quick drying.

MULTIPLE USE NAPKINS: Can be used to wipe babies face, dabbed to wipe mouth & for running nose as the soft material will not irritate the baby’s skin
Can be used in general to keep baby’s body clean.

GIFT SET - Set of 3 Nappies, 3 Napkins and 1 Towel

Jacha & Bacha aims to bring back the simplicity in raising our little babies. Just like our dadi & nani did back in the days. Our products are made with utmost care, keeping in mind the needs of both : Jacha (Mother) & Bacha (Baby) …making it a simple & beautiful journey.