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IVEI Pure Soft Cotton Dhoti BURP CLOTH for Babies - Set of 4 - Blue

Rs. 250.00

EXCELLENT QUALITY PURE COTTON –  Made from soft, absorbent, breathable, anti bacterial pure Cotton, soaked and washed multiple times, making it ideal to be used on soft skin of your little ones. 

2 LAYERED: The burp cloths are lined with 2 layers of cloth for good absorption. Use the burp cloth on the mother's / the caretaker's shoulder to take care of any post feeding mess while trying to burp the baby.

MADE WITH BABY IN MIND: These super soft reusable burp cloths are suitable against your baby’s delicate skin, even after repeated washes.

IDEAL SIZE: An ideal size to pop into a handbag or changing bag and can be used all around the home as they come in super handy when feeding, changing or even cleaning baby.

COLOUR VARIATIONS: These burp cloths are available in 3 colour variants- Yellow, Blue, & Pink. Take your pick! 

As our grand moms say, DHOTI material is the most ideal for newborns and babies, hence, we at I Value Every Idea, came up with our range of newborns / babies must haves, made out of the DHOTI fabric... purely going back to the older, simpler times (and hey! these are environment friendly too) for your precious ones!

DIMENSIONS - 18.5 inch x  5 inch , SET OF 4

Jacha & Bacha aims to bring back the simplicity in raising our little babies, just like our dadis & nanis did, back in the day. Our products are made with utmost care, keeping in mind the needs of both: Jacha (the Mother) & the Bacha (the Baby), making it a simple and a beautiful journey for both.