Set of 8 Panchatantra Books with 2 DIY Magnets

Rs. 1,500.00

The Panchatantra Project is a set of Worksheets based on a collection of tales from the Panchatantra. Co-designed by teachers and moms, to make the learning experience of your child fun and interesting. Enhance your child's imagination, and help them learn with these evergreen moral stories

Buy this set of 8 books, with 2 DIY Magnets that will bring out the creativity in your child, and help them learn too!

The Set of 8 Books included in this discounted combo are : 

- The Thirsty Crow
- The Lion and the mouse
- The monkey and the crocodile
- The crows and the owls
- The lion and the clever rabbit
- The lion and the camel
- The mice that ate Iron
- The lion that sprang to Life

Each Book set Includes : 7 worksheets for your kids! 

Age Group : 4 to 7 years 

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