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IVEI The Panchatantra Books Combo

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This COMBO contains : - 

- 1 set of The Beggar's dream - Workbook & 2 DIY Bookmarks [4 to 7 years]

- 1 set of The Three Fish - Workbook and 2 DIY Coasters [4 to 7 years]

- 1 set of The Wind & The Sun - Workbook and 2 DIY Bookmarks [4 to 7 years]

SINGLE PAGE STORY ILLUSTRATION : These booklets includes a single page comic style illustration of the story. Simple and colourful characters convey the story and its moral in a fun yet impactful way.
EACH SET INCLUDES : 7 worksheets and 2 DIY products 

THE PANCHATANTRA PROJECT : Worksheets based on a collection of tales from the Panchatantra. Co-designed by teachers and moms, to make the learning experience of your child fun and interesting. Enhance your child's imagination, and help them learn with these evergreen moral stories.