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IVEI The Three Fish -Workbook and 2 DIY Coasters - 4 to 7 yrs

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A fish overhears the plan of two fishermen. Read the story to know what fish and her other two friends do about it. This set also includes a fun paper craft activity. Age group 4 yrs -7 yrs. For a fun visual experience, watch this story online, scan the QR code attached at the end of the booklet.

SINGLE PAGE STORY ILLUSTRATION : The booklet includes a single page comic style illustration of the story. Simple and colourful characters convey the story and its moral in a fun yet impactful way.

EACH SET INCLUDES : 7 worksheets (Sentence formation, Knowledge booster, Vocabulary builder, Hindi to English, Comprehension, Colouring, Activity) and 2 DIY Coasters

DIY ACTIVITY - Plain MDF coasters for your child to paint and explore their imagination. These coasters are engraved with the characters present in the story, and would be like a child's completion certificate for the booklet. These can be used on the dining table to make meal times fun and interesting for your child.

Includes link to our Youtube channel for videos related to the story (story telling, drawing, and craft / experiments)

THE PANCHATANTRA PROJECT : Worksheets based on a collection of tales from the Panchatantra. Co-designed by teachers and moms, to make the learning experience of your child fun and interesting. Enhance your child's imagination, and help them learn with these evergreen moral stories.

Illustrations by Nishka Mehta

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