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IVEI Wooden Bottle Shaped Party Fund Piggy Bank

Rs. 775.00
Color - Blue

UNIQUE LOCKING SYSTEM - A simple locking system, used much before locks were invented is used in these hand crafted bottles. You can definitely throw a challenge to your friends to try and unlock this as a fun exercise.
BOTTLE SHAPED - Inspired by the shape of a rum bottle, this piggy bank is designed keeping young adults in mind, who often have to save before they party.
MADE BY ARTISANS - This product is made by rural artisans from Uttar Pradesh, supported by the society - I Value Every Idea.
HIGH QUALITY - High quality, seasoned wood is used to achieve a smooth finished, durable product

COLORS AVAILABLE - This product comes in 3 color variants : Blue, Orange and Yellow

DIMENSIONS - 8.25in * 3in * 3in ;