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Amp Up Work From Home The Right Way

Amp Up Work From Home The Right Way

Amp Up Work From Home The Right Way

Hey, IVEI Fandom!

How is it going? Yep, the constant lockdowns are putting all our vacation plans on hold which is not great. Moreover, due to work from home situation, the days are feeling longer too. Ain’t that, right? While before we thought that working from home, will enable us to spend more time with the fam, it is completely the opposite. 

A fine balance is required!

Hence we have got some tricks up our sleeves solely for you. Wondering, what? Don’t worry; we will not keep you in suspense anymore. Basically, if you are able to create an organized work environment at home, then you can achieve a work-life balance easily. 

Imagine the kind of work corner you want. We believe a happy environment boosts productivity. So, let’s start curating your 9-5 office in your home, shall we? 

  • Plan Work for the Day

Has it also happened with you that you forget about time and worked excessively in a day? Well, it has happened to us a lot of times. We too have forgotten to give our mind the rest it requires. A constant problem with work from home, it instills a wrong notion of work culture.

So, to start with your work corner, you can choose IVEI’s clipboard with a daily planner. Uniquely designed daily planner pad, it will help you chart out your work tasks for the day. List down your to-do things and stop working as soon as the clock turns to 6 pm. 

  • Track Important Dates and Events

Yes, it is important to keep track of your meetings. Also, it is equally important to remember important family birthdays and anniversaries. You do not want to be the last person to wish your favorite aunt a happy birthday, believe us. The consequences can be far from threatening :P

Best way is to have a calendar that reminds you of the imp family days as well work meetings. Our supreme quality MDF calendar coasters with stand is a must-have. No more worrying about spilling tea-coffee all over your desk and ruining work! These coasters serve as a reminder for taking small breaks in-between during your day. 

  • Keep Distractions Away

Often it happens that during work from home especially, we find ourselves getting distracted. And the sole cause for these distractions which require putting in more hours of work is our mobile phone.

However, if you focus on your work during the office hours, you can finish work efficiently and timely. To help you in doing that, we have our Hexagon mobile holder with groove. With this placed on your desk, you can keep your mobile phone next to you and respond to only important messages and calls. 

  • Write Down Your To-Do Lists 

To complete your home office, the last essential that you require is a whiteboard and a pinboard. Like, at IVEI, we offer a combo board that can easily help you align your work and home activities. It will ensure that you do not forget your weekend grocery shopping plans or buy a gift for your loved one’s birthdays.

Moreover, you can also pin important quotes that motivate you to work harder and better. Or maybe pin a fun doodle that you make during your work calls. With this creative board hanging over your desk your work environment at home will be cheerful and light. 

Wait no more and create your fun workspace to elevate work from home. Believe us, you will see start seeing your work in a different light.

Balance work and life effortlessly!


IVEI family



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