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Know Why Chhota Bheem's Of Your House Should Choose DIY!

Know Why Chhota Bheem's Of Your House Should Choose DIY!

Know Why Chhota Bheem's Of Your House Should Choose DIY!

Dear Readers,

We understand that like us, you too have young ones full of energy in the house. As parents, we try and actually even do everything to keep them engaged in something or the other. However, there are times when like us, you may also run out of things to do especially during these times of on and off lockdowns. 

Today, we are going to address this dilemma and help you out with a fantastic solution. As we all know and have also been through the same during our childhood, children love anything that involves imagination. And so, we believe a DIY project is the best way to go about for keeping the Chhota Bheems of the house engrossed.

Plus, DIY activities also ensure that children learn creatively and express themselves artistically. There are more reasons like:

  • Builds Confidence

Confidence building is essential in a young child. Like, when watching Chhota Bheem, the children derive confidence from their superhero defeating evil. Undertaking DIY projects helps to do the same in a similar way. The completion of something unknown gives young children a boost especially when they start something from scratch. We assure you that the sense of pride in your child’s face is something that you as a parent would not forget!

At IVEI we have a range of Chhota Bheem DIY products that are fun and exciting. Like, our paint your own DIY bunting of all the characters for their room (their midnight ghostbuster protectors).

  • A Fun Activity

Solving crimes in creative ways, is a core characteristic of Chhota Bheem that all kids relate to and like. Similarly while doing DIY, our Chhota Bheems can also create art and learn from the process. It is fun and the end result is great. We have our Chhota Bheem DIY photo frame that children can paint and later either hang it on the wall or set it on the bedside table. In this manner, their effort into making art is also not wasted.

Having your favorite superhero beside you always will make your child happy!

  • Express Themselves Better

Telling kids to do things in a particular way is usually a futile attempt. Moreover, at IVEI we believe that kids learn better if they apply practical knowledge to things themselves. Taking inspiration from Chhota Bheem who always tries to tackle crises in his own way, children also get motivated. Precisely, when they undertake DIY, they can express themselves and create art the way they want. 

You can help your little one start his journey with our superior quality wooden MDF products. Our Chhota Bheem DIY pencil box can be painted and then used for storing stationery. 

Our Chhota Bheems aspire to become an all-rounder like the fictional character. More so, they love their superhero. So, IVEI’s Chhota Bheem range of products will help them develop better skills and become a superhuman! 

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