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Celebrate The Sibling Bond A Tad Different This Year!

Celebrate The Sibling Bond A Tad Different This Year!

Celebrate The Sibling Bond A Tad Different This Year!

Dear Readers,

 The season of festivals is just around the corner. And so is the time for one of IVEI’s favorite occasions, Rakhi. A celebration of the pious sibling bond, it is full of fun and excitement with an exchange of Rakhis and gifts. 

However, why not try something different this year? 

Like, instead of the usual Rakhis, make one for your sibling to show that love and appreciation that you have for them. (We know it’s just for Rakhi :P) At IVEI, we have these supreme quality MDF Rakhi cutouts of different shapes that you can opt for. It will be new and unique and will show how much you care. 


You can choose these MDF bases and be creative with your Rakhi. We have rounded up some offbeat ideas for you to try like the following:

  • Paint a Favorite Character

There are so many fictional characters, that your sibling is bound to have a favorite one. From Tom & Jerry to Elsa & Anna, there are so many characters. You can choose one and paint. A creative and thoughtful Rakhi is sure to bring a smile to their faces. 

  • Decoupage or Pour Resin

You can choose a different route and opt for decoupage or resin pour. Give your Rakhi a classy touch! These art forms are simple processes that can be easily performed on our products. To get more information on them, you can also view our YouTube tutorials to get started. 

  • Quotes or Sayings

Picture a memory in your mind and take that into account for making your Rakhi for your sibling. Like, maybe a funny incident from your childhood or the nickname that you use for your sibling and write it down on these cutouts. It will transport them back to the golden fighting over remote days! 

These are some of the ways which will elevate the emotions of this festival. While these are a few ideas, you can think out-of-the-box and create a masterpiece.  

As for the exchange of gifts, you should not worry. We have got you covered! 

Our wide DIY product range ensures that you have the most exceptional gift this year for your sibling. Some top picks are:

  • Writing Boards

We have multiple options available. From whiteboards to pinboards to a combination of both, there are en number of choices. These utility-based products are uniquely designed to serve as the perfect Rakhi gift for your sibling. 

  • Magnets

    Our wooden miniature magnets are extremely cute. Otherwise, we have fridge magnets with whiteboards as well. One of our magnets that stands out from the crowd is the set of 2 photo magnets. You can insert a picture of you with your sibling and gift it as your Rakhi gift. 

    • Desk Organizers

    We have excellent wooden pen stands that you can gift your sibling. There are other options like that of pen stands with mobile holders as well. Browse through the website to choose the one that your sibling will love the most! 

    Make this Rakhi a memorable one like you try to do every year. We know this because we understand that the sibling bond is probably the most unusual yet strongest of all. It is a mixture of a bond between children and parents, between best friends and of course, siblings! 

    So, leave no stone unturned and shower all your love for your sibling this Rakhi! 


    IVEI family

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