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Meditate With Art: Learn Zentangle Art To Relax

Meditate With Art: Learn Zentangle Art To Relax

Meditate With Art: Learn Zentangle Art To Relax

Dear Readers, 

We at IVEI always try to think about what is best for the members of our community. Our aim is to help them explore their creative side. But the bigger is their well-being. And that is precisely what the zentangle art form is all about.  

Commonly popular as meditative art, it combines creativity skills and self-care. It follows the true essence of any form of artwork: free-flowing, liberal, and imaginative. More importantly, once you start trying your hand in zentangle art, you will realize there is no going back!  

In this art form, there is no scope of self-criticism, no right or wrong, and no failure. Zentangle art always ensures that you win!  

Before we move on to understand the simple procedure of this art form, let us explore some of its highly acclaimed benefits: 

  • Self Care 

Zentangle art involves a lot of work with patterns (we will discuss the process further in the article). Not many know about this interesting fact that there is zentangle art therapy as well. Thus, it is proven as a meditative art. The techniques involved in this form of art relax your mind. Apart from being creative, it is self-soothing as a regular practice as well.  

  • Unbound Creativity 

With no set of pre-defined rules, this art truly allows you to think out-of-the-box and create. You can start this art form and not worry about the final result. Moreover, you may also surprise yourself with the finished product. When you create art without thinking about how it will look, you will be shocked to see your artistic capability. Zentangle art is all about finding that inner artist within and giving voice to your self-confidence! 

  • Self Assurance 

In this artwork, you learn how to turn the mistakes made into a part of your craft. So, if you create a dot that you did not intend to, you learn to work around it. Subconsciously, it gives your mind reason and assurance that something that may go disarray in life might end up being a boon for you.  

Imagine, you have had a tough day and are extremely stressed. You return home and cannot stop thinking about the stress. Here, zentangle art will be your savior. Once you start this artwork, you will understand the benefits and make it your go-to activity whenever feeling overwhelmed. 

Now, to begin Zentangle art, you can follow these simple steps:  

Step 1: Gather the required materials. You will need a uni-ball black pen, pencil, an A-4 sheet, eraser, and a ruler. Once you learn, you can opt to create zentangle art on any of our products like a multipurpose MDF wooden blank box or coaster cutouts. 

Step 2: On the A-4 sheet, start by making four dots on different corners. Now join them in a straight or wavy line forming a square.  

Step 3: Start diving this square in parts. Make straight or curved lines. These are called strings.  

Step 4: The divided square forms tiles, on which you can start creating your patterns called tangles.  

Step 5: After working on one tangle, you can also change the direction of the A-4 sheet to suit your comfort zone. Continue doing so and you will achieve a beautiful work of art in the end.  

These are the basic steps for Zentangle art. We have curated a small but helpful video for you: to understand it better!  

Once you get a hang of the basics, you can work on blank wooden coaster cutouts. You can decorate your home or gift it to your loved ones as well. Get some ideas for your next art project from Shikhi Bhat from her Instagram profile. Start your zentangle journey and discover its awesomeness.  

Create without any inhibitions! 


IVEI family 

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